Marlow D.J. Shami

"A feast for the eyes and heart!
This art is healing in every possible way - for body, mind, and soul.

Such beauty is what we need so urgently in our world, now more than ever!"

Mary Evelyn Tucker,
Forum on Religion and Ecology,
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Queen Ann's Lace & Chickweed

I have worked as a Creative Arts Therapist in a hospital setting for 20 years. I'm aware of the importance of artwork in providing a soothing environment for patients. In my experience, most of the artwork chosen is prints of painting depicting nature through landscapes or seascapes. But, so many of these prints are one dimensional and easily passed by. They fill the wall space but not the mind and heart space.

Marlow Shami creates artwork that is beautiful and interesting weaving the themes of nature, color and curiosity into a collection that asks you to pause and look. She uses vibrant yet soothing color bursts in intricate scenes of nature that captures ones interest to mindfully engage in looking, finding and appreciating. It's not something you can pass by.

People in hospitals are often anxious, and having art that is engaging is an opportunity to take the patients' minds off of their anxiety and instead, relax through exploring beautiful and interesting art.

Roberta Blake, MT-BC,
Board Certified Music Therapist
R&B's Garden

One of the reasons people are drawn to Ms. Shami’s Restoration series is that there is such a mandala feel to them, structured and settling to the soul, and the colors are alive. The viewer sees and experiences something in ways never experienced before, and this can offer a refreshing, contemplative respite in times of fear, anxiety, and stress. Restoration becomes transformation—one sees and experiences something familiar in a new way.

Anita Greene, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, Teacher
Amherst , MA

As the Program Manager from 2006-2010 of Illuminations, a rotating art exhibit housed in the waiting areas of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, MA, I was responsible for promoting an environment of healing, through the visual arts. Artwork chosen for display in the Illuminations exhibits are selected based on the artists ability to shed light on the human experience and inspire viewers to expand their vision of life through art. The exhibit is intended to offer enlightenment and encouragement to patients, families, staff and friends of the Cancer Center as they receive care, provide care, or accompany loved ones. Illuminations had the privilege of displaying Marlow’s Restoration series in 2010, not only in Boston, MA, but in our Danvers, MA location as well. Marlow’s work transformed a standard waiting area into a space in which patients could engage with the vibrancy and visual texture of her work or simply let their eyes and their minds be distracted by the complex but balanced layers of her work. Patients and families visiting the MGH Cancer Center are often overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. Marlow’s Restoration series also provided patients and their families with beautiful compositions that were not only visually stimulating, but visually meditative in quality as well. The inclusion of Marlow’s work in the Illuminations program inspired patients to gain hope and strength through art during their healing process, while further supporting the program’s belief that the environment in which care is delivered aids healing.

~Stefanie Ryan, MA
Illuminations Program Manager (2004-2010)
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Boston, MA


"The artwork of Marlow Shami offers a window into the natural world that is filled with beauty, creativity, and intimate conversation.  She explores how we affect, and are affected by nature's giving embrace; as well as, its ability to restore balance inside of change.  Artworks like these are a stroll in the forest of being human in a natural world; while at the same time, they pay homage to nature's most precious gift - this diverse and living planet we call, home."
Karen LaFleur
Digital Narrative Artist


Marlow painstakingly helps our culturally trained square and rectangle way of knowing meld with nature's colorful balance and beauty in and around us.

Her art brings nature's recycling powers into play to heal the hurtful effects of our excessively "squared off" mind and spirit.

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Project NatureConnect, Institute of Global Education, Friday Harbor, WA
Day Lilies

I have been a follower of Marlow’s work for some time. Her latest series, Restoration, offers her most powerful healing work to date. Utilizing fractal-like mandalas, she allows the viewer to choose the entry point to which s/he most resonates with at that moment to engage them.

Mandalas themselves are pathways to wholeness and Marlow’s art brilliantly reflects and facilitates the dynamic nature of this healing process.

As one’s own energy or vibrational level shifts, one can change vantage or entry points reflecting this new level of growth or healing. Exquisite!

John DeLuca, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Boulder, CO
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