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"What beautiful meditations! You have no idea how it was exactly the kind of recording I've been looking for. Everything about it is gorgeous-- the message, the music, your soothing voice. I know I'll be listening to this one for some time. Thank you."
~ Camille West, Singer-Humorist
"Your meditation, Opening to Nature’s Heart, was an incredible closing to another wonderful four days spent with women in the wilderness fostering connections, inspiration, self-
renewaland strengths.
ThankyouMarlow for allowing me, inviting me and guiding me to anchor the spiritual connection received from nature deep in my being. It is comforting to know I can call upon and surround myself with the joy, love, and compassion I so often feel when in nature. I recommend it personally for relaxation and centering and also as an excellent tool for professionals to use in groups for the same purpose."
~~Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC HSP Gathering Retreats & WomenOutdoors Retreats, CO
"The CD you generously donated found its way to Walter Reed Hospital and is used by soldiers suffering from PTSD. One soldier stated that he feels so much at peace when he listens to it – because he loves nature and the combination of your voice and music comforts him. One thirteen year old I work with loves Nature’s
WayMeditations, and selects it from a collection of relaxation CD’s in our sessions.  Sharing this CD with the soldiers and their families has opened new doors for the healing process to deepen."
~~ NahidaHadeesh, LICSW, MSW Clinical at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Services, Behavior Health Care Services, Washington DC
"I am writing to thank you for providing such a marvelous way for me to relax after a hard day at work...  My therapist recommended your CD to me, and after using it the first night, I was able to actually relax enough to sleep the entire night thru...  Given the stresses of raising a child in this uncertain world, I often find myself worrying about her future, and listening to your soothing voice and words coupled with the nurturing sounds and music actually affords me a better frame of mind than any of the other meditation CDs I have tried."
~~Daniel G. Gust
"I think you've created a
powerfulandmuch needed bridge to the Natural Systems Thinking Process. By weaving Nature and the NSTP into these meditations you are opening a figurative and almost literal door to the transformative powers of the rest of the natural world. I am grateful for this contribution to a saner, healthier, and sustainable world."

~~Allison Weeks-Ewold, Education Director, Attraction Retreat, WA.

"Marlow Shami's comforting voice and gentle guidance blend beautifully with the soothing and reassuring sounds of Nancy Tucker's music creating a CD that can provide tranquil relaxation experiences for those who find peace and healing in nature."
~~Bobbi Blake, M.Ed, MT-BC Board Certified Music Therapist, CT MT-BC Board Certified Music Therapist, CT
"This was such a positive experience for students and staff to be able to get in touch with ourselves...it reminded us to reconnect with a good place. I have used it already."
~~High School Guidance Counselor
"It was very relaxing; I was able to get away from the stress of school... I had to take a test right after the meditation and I felt good about taking it."
~~11th grade student

Marlow D. J. Shami, B.F.A., M.S., teacher, healer, artist and writer focusing on the human/nature relationship.  After a twelve-year career working as an Emmy nominated CBS news
videographerandaward winning independent producer, she was drawn into the contemplative practices.  During the proceeding twenty years yoga, energy medicine, spiritual healing, meditation, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training in the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s MBSR program and an advanced degree in ecopsychology have all served to guide her lifework.  Marlow has been presenting Nature as Healer workshops for 20 years.