Do you recall an exquisite moment in your life in which you experienced being a part of something peaceful and vast? This nameless place extends far beyond your individual self. Just as a good friend listens well to our fears, joys, disappointments, visions, and regrets, nature listens to you. The Natural world is embedded deep within your soul, communicating through an idiom composed of senses that speak within your heart and mind and soul.

Our challenge is to listen! My job is to assist you in the process of remembering and experiencing being a part of Nature as a wise and restorative friend.

Are you seeking support in your life journey? Looking for the tools, experiential activities, a deeper appreciation, and knowledge of your unique nature and gifts? Are you interested in gathering a group together to share in a community building experience in collaboration with Nature? 

Email me your interest We will discuss your interests and expectations in booking an individual or group Nature As Healer Program.


"I received more from this short guided meditation and activity than I ever dreamed I would."

~Mary Danboise, Ex. Dir. of the Nature Center at Robert Moss State Park, NY

"I have studied and observed nature all my life (I am 86 years old) but never thought of using nature to solve my problems. Hope to do that now that I have learned how to receive natures guidance."
~Neva Jean Tyler, Geer Village Canaan CT

"Shami’s Nature an Healing program was relaxing and thought provoking. Everyone present participated and shared. All left with a newfound appreciation for the natural world around us." ~ Maureen Armstrong, Librarian, Hamden