Each program’s talk is illustrated with beautiful compelling images and is followed by a powerful guided meditation and one simple outdoor activity. These wellness programs (currently offered on virtual platforms) are designed to provide information, insight, inspiration, and tools to assist in negotiating the challenges and rewards of connecting with our natural wisdom - anywhere, anytime, no matter how rushed, messy, or stressful your life is!

NATURE AS MENTOR - Now is the time!
Earth is calling us to listen.

A virtual 90-minute experiential program.

questions and booking: marlowshami@gmail.com, cell: 860-605-6916

Learn the magnificent language of nature in this powerful workshop. Discover your unique niche as part of our planet's restoration plan. Deepen your healing connection with nature right outside your home or in your home if you cannot leave your home. No matter where you live: city, suburb, or country, nature awaits your attention.
How do we benefit by learning nature's language? Does nature have something to communicate to you personally? How does the environment communicate? How does a relationship with nature impact collective and personal health and well-being? Why?
Deepen your awareness of your wisdom inspired by nature. How do the elements, flora, and fauna provide guidance? Why can it be so challenging to remember the critical role we play as a part of nature? Be inspired by accounts of wild nature collaborating with human nature in this workshop!
Refine your innate ability to receive and respond to the web of life's brilliant wisdom. This 90-minute program includes an informative Keynote talk enhanced by beautiful illustrations, an "awakening our nature connection" activity, and a deep-relaxing guided meditation. No meditation experience is needed. We will have time for group discussion and affirmation of our experience, insights, and questions.

Details - Nature As Healer 

Step up your ability to tap into Nature’s restorative essence, whether you live in a rural, urban, or suburban community. Deepen your capacity to tap into its powers to guide, calm, inform, and restore — the why and how will be investigated and experienced in this program.
Self-evidence is key to revitalizing our sensory connections to the healing power of Nature. You will investigate our vast potential as sensitive human beings. Learn why sensitivity is a real asset for those of us living in a culture whose numbing-speed, and information-excess collude, often leaving exhaustion and dispiritedness in its wake.
Refine your innate ability to receive and respond to the web of life’s brilliant wisdom in this workshop. You will learn how sensory-ecology has empowered and enlightened those of us living in a consumer-based culture.
A review of the challenges of reclaiming our authentic Nature, as well as a five-point strategy in developing resilience will be presented. We will have time for group discussion. This 90-minute program includes an informative Keynote talk enhanced by beautiful illustrations, wakening our nature connection activity, group discussion, and a deeply relaxing guided meditation. No meditation experience needed. 

A virtual 90-minute experiential program
Grow your mindful ability with nature right outside (or inside) your home: city, suburban, and country dwellers - all!

questions & booking: marlowshami@gmail, cell: 860-605-6916

After a short Keynote talk, enjoy a powerful guided meditation designed to support mindful eating, living, and deep relaxation. After the meditation, the group embarks on an outdoor (or indoor) journey. If this is a virtual workshop, participants will discover nature is waiting for them at their doorstep or right outside a window.
The food of life is found not only on our plates (or bag of take-out) but also within five integral life areas. Sustenance is found within the quality of our rest, companionship, novelty, exercise, and outdoor nature time too.
How you fulfill your unique needs depends on understanding what floats your boat!  You are one of eight billion people living on this beautiful planet. Our consumer culture preaching one size fits all makes discovering what gives or dissipates our life energies a challenge. Why not turn the challenge into a game of detection. Mindfulness, the current term for an age-old wisdom practice, is key.
Whether you’re seeking a healthier weight, new friendship, struggling with depression, contending with a bully at work, or simply wish to be outside more often, the obstacles preventing you from experiencing the change you seek are found at the moment. Key to mindfulness; staying with the sensations experienced within your body. Are your shoulders tight, do you have a stomach ache or tightness in your chest, maybe a hot flash’s sweaty exit has awakened you? This is a powerful mindful practice step. Noticing (not analyzing) the thoughts running through your mind naturally allow a gap, a step away from the ruckus of thoughts streaming through your mind. This moment of self-witness de-escalates reactive energy. Paying attention to your body sensations and inner narratives allows you to step back and take stock.
A few examples of mindfulness in everyday life follow. The bully at work says something hurtful. Mindful moment: Do I want to say something now about how painful his statement was to me? Nope, I’ll wait until I have more clarity and have gained my composure or…
That pint of ice-cream would really taste good, why not? Mindful moment: I am on a no sugar dairy-eating plan, will this ice-cream feel-good experience last very long?
I’ll skip my planned exercise today I’m too tired. Mindful moment: my body isn’t so tired, my mind is! The last time I entertained skipping but exercised anyway I remember I felt better after I worked out.
Remember, mindful eating from all areas of life is an inside job. You are the expert on YOU!
When we listen, our inner compass is will direct us.