Nature As Mentor
Marlow D.J. Shami Nature As Mentor

Audience feedback was terrific for this well-attended program with a high level of audience engagement. Marlow is a skilled facilitator.

~Sarah MorganDirector East Hartford 

Public Library

Thank you so much for speaking at our conference and running such a wonderful and powerful workshop experience. Looking at the evaluations you certainly touched the group deeply. I had a profound experience as well. May you touch many with your important and inspiring work!

~ Laura Carey & Co-Chairs, New York State Outdoor Education Association


NATURE AS MENTOR - Now is the time!
Earth is calling us to listen.

A virtual 90-minute experiential program.

questions and booking:, cell: 860-605-6916

Learn the magnificent language of nature in this powerful workshop. Discover your unique niche as part of our planet's restoration plan. Deepen your healing connection with nature right outside your home or in your home if you cannot leave your home. No matter where you live: city, suburb, or country, nature awaits your attention.
How do we benefit by learning nature's language? Does nature have something to communicate to you personally? How does the environment communicate? How does a relationship with nature impact collective and personal health and well-being? Why?
Deepen your awareness of your wisdom inspired by nature. How do the elements, flora, and fauna provide guidance? Why can it be so challenging to remember the critical role we play as a part of nature? Be inspired by accounts of wild nature collaborating with human nature in this workshop!
Refine your innate ability to receive and respond to the web of life's brilliant wisdom. This 90-minute program includes an informative Keynote talk enhanced by beautiful illustrations, an "awakening our nature connection" activity, and a deep-relaxing guided meditation. No meditation experience is needed. We will have time for group discussion and affirmation of our experience, insights, and questions.