"We had an amazing grounding program by Marlow Shami. The main message she imparted was we are a part of Nature, not apart from Nature. This concept is easy to grasp in theory but difficult to embody. Everyone who attended came away more relaxed and aware of the Nature around them.

I would highly recommend Marlow as a speaker and teacher. Her knowledge, kindness, and guidance inspired all who attended".

~ Valerie Fisher, New Milford, CT Library Program Director

"Patrons enjoyed the program immensely! Marlow made them aware of the area's Nature, and a sense of healing was felt during and after. She'll be back soon"!

~ Alexis Burgess, Meriden Public Library

"I got more from this short guided meditation and activity than I ever dreamed I would.".

~ Mary Danboise, Ex. Dir. of the Nature Center at Robert Moss State Park, NY

"I have studied and observed Nature all my life (I am 86 years old) but never thought of using Nature to solve my problems. I hope to do that now that I have learned how to receive Nature's guidance".

 ~ Neva Jean Tyler 

The NATURE AS HEALER program will step up your ability to tap into Nature's restorative essence, whether you live in a rural, urban, or suburban community.

  • Deepen your capacity to tap into Nature's powers to guide, calm, and restore; the why and how will be investigated and experienced in this program.
  • Self-evidence is key to revitalizing our sensory connections to the healing power of Nature. You will investigate our vast potential as sensitive human beings. Learn why sensitivity is a real asset for those of us living in a culture whose numbing speed and information-excess collude, often leaving exhaustion and dispiritedness in its wake.
  • Refine your innate ability to receive and respond to the web of life's brilliant wisdom in this workshop. You will learn how sensory-ecology has empowered and enlightened those of us living in a consumer-based culture.


Email: marlowshami@gmail.com

cell: 860-605-6916

NATURE AS HEALER What participants will experience in this virtual 90-minute experiential program.

Deepen your healing connection with Nature right outside your home: city, suburban, and country dwellers - all!

PART 1: PowerPoint presentation. Discover how everyday-anywhere Nature can: guide, calm, inform, and restore you. Nature can elicit a sense of restoration and protection, comfort, and guidance. Beautiful - compelling images support the focus on the challenges and rewards of connecting with Nature in a mass-technological culture. 

PART 2: Guided Meditation is designed to relax the mind and cultivate sensitivity to the natural world, our healer.

PART 3: I will teach a straightforward but powerful activity introducing the Natural Systems Process.