A virtual 90-minute experiential program

Grow your mindful ability with nature right outside (or inside) your home: city, suburban, and country dwellers - all!

questions & booking: marlowshami@gmail, cell: 860-605-6916

After a short Keynote talk, enjoy a powerful guided meditation designed to support mindful eating, living, and deep relaxation. After the meditation, the group embarks on an outdoor (or indoor) journey. If this is a virtual workshop, participants will discover nature is waiting for them at their doorstep or just outside a window.


The food of life is found not only on our plates (or bag of take-out) but also within five integral life areas. Sustenance is located within the quality of our rest, companionship, novelty, and outdoor nature time.

How you fulfill your unique needs depends on understanding what floats your boat! You are one of eight billion people living on this beautiful planet. Our consumer culture preaching one size fits all makes discovering what gives or dissipates our life energies a challenge. Why not turn the challenge into a game of detection. Mindfulness, the current term for an age-old wisdom practice, is key.

Whether you’re seeking a healthier weight, new friendship, struggling with depression, contending with a bully at work, or wish to be outside more often, the obstacles preventing you from experiencing the change you seek are found at the moment. Key to mindfulness; tuning into the sensations experienced within your body. Are your shoulders tight, do you have a stomach ache or tightness in your chest, maybe a hot flash’s sweaty exit has awakened you? Paying attention is a powerful mindful practice step. Noticing (not analyzing) the thoughts running through your mind naturally allow a gap, a step away from the commotion of thoughts streaming through your mind. This moment of self-witness de-escalates reactive energy. Paying attention to your body sensations and inner narratives allows you to step back and take stock.

A few examples of mindfulness in everyday life follow. The bully at work says something hurtful. Mindful moment: Do I want to say something now about how painful his statement was to me? Nope, I’ll wait until I have more clarity and have gained my composure.

That pint of ice cream would taste good; why not? Mindful moment: I am on a no sugar dairy-eating plan for the month. Will this feel-good ice-cream experience last very long?

I’ll skip my planned exercise today. I’m too tired. Mindful moment: my body isn’t so tired, my mind is! The last time I entertained skipping but exercised anyway, I remember I felt better after working out.


Remember, mindful eating from all areas of life is an inside job. You are the expert on YOU!

When we listen, our inner compass will direct us.