Marlow Shami's artwork is rooted within the forest surrounding her childhood home. As a photographer, digital artist, and writer, her creative output begins in collaboration with Nature. Her studio is located in Goshen, CT.

In 1998 Shami obtained her Master's of Science in Applied Ecopsychology - Integrated Ecology. Her studies refined her focus as an artist and continue to evolve with the intelligence and healing touch of Nature. The relationship is vital.

Her work investigates how the quality of human relationship with the natural world impacts life individually and collectively.

Communicating with Nature via the senses informs her work on multiple levels.The senses are a thread-like intelligence attracting the artist's attention in the art-making process and are everywhere. She follows their pull, collaborating to reveal something fresh, evoking interest and possibly insight. Smells, colors, sounds, and emotions elicited while working are all infused with this energy.

Like words used to build a story, sensory attractions create Shami's experience as an artist. She listens, waits, trusts, leaps; over and over again. This process happens within her studio and outdoors in the fields and forests. The art-making process involves tiny, rich steps that need attention and care as she translates her collaboration into artwork.

Marlow Shami’s artwork exhibits nationally, including: The Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY, The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT, Salmagundi Club, New York City, NY, Barret Arts Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, Manhattan Arts International, NY, Verum Ultimum Gallery, OR. and can be found in private collections.